Follow • Exhibit • Sponsor • Volunteer • Collaborate • Attend • Donate • Make!

There are a lot of ways to get involved with Colorado Maker Hub even beyond the obvious like volunteering with us, sponsoring an event, or donating directly. Let’s run through all of our options!

I. Follow us/Subscribe!

Start by keeping up to date. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here, follow us our blogs on this site or at, Follow us on facebook and twitter.

II. Share your creations!

Be a Maker at Colorado’s first Feature Faire – Maker Faire Denver, learn or teach at the Rocky Mountain Makerspace Summit, Shine at Sparks & Spirits, Create a maker activity in your organization during Colorado Maker Week.

III. Sponsor!

We love coming up with creative ways to engage our community and sponsors together. Tell us about your audience and what excites you – youth makers, urban arts, inventors, manufacturing, Maker Faire Denver, the Rocky Mountain Makerspace Summit, Sparks & Spirits, – and we’ll create a sponsor package that engages your team, supports a worthy segment of our community, and showcases your company and products as a supporter of this rapidly growing movement. Check out our Sponsor Page for inspiration.

IV. Volunteer!

Join our tribe of innovative, bright, enthusiastic volunteers. Whatever your skills, interests or imagination – we have rewarding tasks that need to get done. At each event we rely on a team who greet visitors, take tickets, build and help with exhibits, support maker exhibitors, keep people safe. Before each event we have street teams, outreach, and exhibit building support. Click on the volunteer pages at the event that interests you – or contact Becky at comakerhub dot org to talk about volunteer opportunities

V. Collaborate!

There are so many great maker-related organizations across Colorado. We collaborate with a large number, cross promoting, having your organization take charge of a cool maker exhibit inside one of our Faires, strategizing cool maker projects for Colorado Maker Week or throughout the year, matching mentors with youth – so many things. Contact to explore a collaboration that will enhance both our organizations.

VI. Attend!

There is nothing better than sharing the expressions of Wonder at the magic inside our events. Each has it’s own distinct flavor, makers, and audience.

VII. Donate!

Want to share the joy of making with families in poverty? Help fund a cool urban art project or bring a large exhibit such as the human-sized Mousetrap game to Colorado? Contribute towards materials to be used in building a new exhibit for one of the Faires? Contact to learn about donating towards the cause closest to you.

VIII. Make!

We know who you are. The tinkerers, the inventors, the builders. You are our inspiration, our teachers, our learners, our community. Keep making!!